Infrared Grills & Infrared Gas Grills : Advance Your Cooking

An infrared barbecue grill can be a quick, delicious alternative to traditional grilling. Although many people have been using the infrared grill for quite awhile there are still many people who don’t know what it is, how it works, or that it even exists!

The very first infrared grill was invented by a company named TEC in the 1980’s and held a patent on it as well. The patent that TEC held on the infrared grills did not allow other comapnies to create an infrared grill until the patent expired in early 2000. Since then many other companies have begun creating infrared grills to sell to the general public at lower prices than what was previously offered by TEC. Now that the monopoly is up with TEC and their infrared grills they will become more affordable and prices will be competitive which is good news for consumers. As time goes by the popularity of the infrared grill is increasing and is slowly replacing other traditional means of grilling as people become aware of the advantages it has to offer. But is it really worth the money? Is it safe? Will the food that it cooks still taste natural?

These and many other questions keep people from purchasing an infrared barbecue grill simply because people do not like change and don’t like to get involved with something they are unsure of.  This is similar to the release of microwave ovens after world war II;  people knew that it was faster and more convenient and cleaner but were not sure of the safety of it or how it worked but as time went by and people became more knowledgeable about the product so did the frequency of use. Today you would be hard-pressed to find a household in America that did not contain a microwave oven–the infrared grill is on this same path and as it becomes more and more popular it will most likely completely replace traditional grills and you will only see about them in a museum or history books. Infrared grills take advantage of today’s technology and put it in an easy to use form so that consumers can enjoy their benfits in a way that is safe and convenient. While some people may stick to their charcoal and flame powered grills, eventually they will find these more and more difficult to purchase and will be taken in by the advantages that an infrared grill has to offer.

When purchasing an infrared barbecue grill you’ll come across a lot of questions that we hope to answer here. There’s a lot to consider before making your purchasing and deciding which type of grill is the right one for you.